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Why data-driven working?

Data-driven working is increasingly becoming the new norm. Well-known, successful organizations increasingly indicate that they work data-driven. These organizations base their choices and objectives on data, and therefore work data-driven. 

Data-driven working - what does that mean?

Data-driven working is management based on raw facts and raw data. This means decisions are made faster, better and more accurately.

Everything about data driven working

Preparing the organization for data-driven working

In our whitepaper we explain what data-driven working entails, and how you can best prepare the organization for data-driven working.

White paper: Preparing an organization for data-driven working

How can I increase the efficiency of my organization?

DATA KINGDOM provides three tips to increase organizational efficiency through expectations, collaboration and central insight.

Increasing the efficiency of my organization

What exactly is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about Business Intelligence, which can be loosely translated into knowledge about the organization. But what exactly is that? We explain what and how BI works.

Everything about Business Intelligence (BI)

Three reasons why companies should invest in data-driven work now

The world is standing still for a moment right now. DATA KINGDOM gives three reasons why companies should invest in data-driven work now.

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How do I ensure a data-driven culture?

All preconditions for data-driven working have now been implemented. Much better decisions are made in groups and based on data. Employees start to believe in their work and the mission of the organization again. And customers experience much better service in a data-driven organization.

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The three essential phases during a business change

A company that wants to remain competitive must be able to deal well with planned and unplanned changes. DATA KINGDOM provides three essential phases that may be important for your business.

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How do I draw up a data strategy?

With all the new data we collect every day, handling data properly is becoming increasingly important. If your organization or team really wants to become data-driven, a solid data strategy is crucial.

More about datastrategy

A data-driven organization: the master classes

With all the new data we collect every day, handling data properly is becoming increasingly important. If your organization or team really wants to become data-driven, a solid data strategy is crucial.

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The human side of data

More and more companies are now convinced that data offers many opportunities and possibilities for your organization.

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3 Tips for developing an effective report

An effective report shows the most necessary information in an easy-to-use manner. But how do you create an effective report? DATA KINGDOM gives tips.

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Data-driven working with an automated forecast model

Budget drawn up and already outdated? Rolling Forecast offers a solution!

More about Rolling Forecast

Servinio dashboard

Why a KPI dashboard?

DATA KINGDOM is involved in developing dashboards on a daily basis. We increasingly see the need for a KPI dashboard. Continue reading the blogs below to learn more about the functions of KPIs.

What are KPI's?

There is a lot of talk about KPIs. But what are KPIs?

Everything about KPI’s

What is a KPI dashboard?

DATA KINGDOM is involved in developing dashboards on a daily basis. We increasingly see the need for a KPI dashboard. But what exactly is that?

What is a KPI dashboard

Do you have all the information to perform optimally?

A transparent organization performs better. DATA KINGDOM explains the impact of transparency on an organization and how this can be achieved.

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Digitization: being able to switch quickly

Switching faster and faster due to digitalization: DATA KINGDOM conducted research into today’s work pace & found the solution to stay ‘up to speed’.

Everything about digitalization

Amber dashboard

Why an online dashboard?

There are several reasons why you are better off using your reports in an online dashboard Power BI
can be displayed, for example, via an Excel report.

It all comes down to your preference, but you have more insight with a dashboard.

5 dashboard benefits for more profit

Discover the benefits of having a dashboard for your business.

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Have a dashboard made

You can have us develop your dashboard while you focus on the core activities of your organization.

Have a dashboard made

Why is data visualization important?

The amount of data in an organization continues to grow. The number of products or services sold per week, number of website visitors, the number of sick colleagues, costs. It’s starting to become more and more confusing, all those rows full of information.

Everything about data visualization

Would you also like to have a Power BI dashboard created?

There is a good chance that you are also thinking about having a Power BI dashboard created. With a professional Power BI dashboard you will also be able to easily monitor your organization.

Have a Power BI dashboard made

A jungle of overviews

We all know it: busy answering emails, preparing meetings, making telephone calls and all kinds of other everyday tasks. People often receive too much information, which means that there is not one overview, but a jungle of overviews.

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How does displaying information in a dashboard work?

The lack of overview causes unrest, but you do not have the time to prepare an up-to-date report. To make more data-driven decisions, you decide to have a dashboard created. But how does a dashboard work? 

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Design Thinking workshop - what is it?

DATA KINGDOM facilitates design thinking workshops to identify information needs. But what is a design thinking workshop?

Design Thinking workshop

Analyse your Jira Data with Power BI

Adding your Jira ticket data to your dashboards is not difficult, but it is super valuable. In this video we explain and show how to connect. Then you can start developing those cool visuals.

Analyse your Jira data with Power BI

What are API's?

You may recognize it, APIs are increasingly mentioned and used in data collection and visualization. But what are APIs actually?

Everything about API’s

The pros and cons of APIs

What advantages and disadvantages do APIs bring? Using APIs has several advantages, but also disadvantages.

All about the pros and cons

Women looking at laptop

Everything about Power BI

Power BI is an interactive tool developed by Microsoft.
But what makes choosing Power BI so effective? Read our blogs about Power BI.

What is Power BI

Power BI is a tool that makes it possible to quickly gain insight into digital data by linking multiple information sources.

Everything about Power BI

Different Power BI licenses

Microsoft has made various licenses available to (potential) users of Microsoft Power BI. Read the variety of options in this white paper.

Power BI licenses

Is Power BI free?

Power BI is increasingly used to develop online dashboards. Very convenient to use, but what does it actually cost?

Is Power BI free?

Everything you need to know about the Power BI Gateway

If you want to refresh a dashboard that uses data sources that aren’t in the cloud, you can’t access it from the Power BI service without a Gateway. When do you need a gateway and what is it actually?

Everything about the Power BI Gateway

Trends Power Bi

As a member of the jury evaluating the dashboards, Steven noticed several things, and he shares these trends in Power BI in this blog.

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Power BI and Pipedrive

Integrating Pipedrive with Power BI provides a powerful combination for visualizing sales data and optimizing sales strategies. In this video we discuss some of the most important  KPIs.

Watch video about the integration between Pipedrive and Power BI

Power BI consultant

In this article you can read more about DATA KINGDOM’s specialists, our consultants and how you can easily get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

Discover what we can do for your organization


The origins of DATA KINGDOM

A blog about the start of DATA KINGDOM. What vision did the company come into being and what were its ambitions?

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DATA KINGDOM in new hands

Read about the acquisition of DATA KINGDOM in 2023.

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Consultant perspective on complex data model

Amber’s experience as a data analyst at DATA KINGDOM. Learn more about the consultant perspective on the complex data model.

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Outside the kingdom

DATA KINGDOM likes to share its knowledge with others. We also wrote several guest blogs. - DATA KINGDOM in the hands of new owners wrote an article about the acquisition of DATA KINGDOM in early 2023.

Read more - Amber Kesselaer about the start of DATA KINGDOM wrote an article about the founder, what exactly DATA KINGDOM does and its ambitions.

Read more - An automated customer view: is that possible?

Marketers are busy focusing on the ideal customer image every day. However, they only have to use the data that the customer provides. We tell you how.

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Consultancy - five benefits of data-driven working for consultants

Data-driven working is one of the most important trends in the business landscape today, and that applies equally to consultants. We share five benefits of data-driven working for the consultant.

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Our QEO speaks during the Data week NL

On Tuesday, October 26, Amber was featured in the live broadcast ‘Data Dialogue Table: Entrepreneurship with data’ during the Den Bosch Data Week 2021. This video with short fragments shows why data matters to companies, or companies are currently doing so. are able to work with data and the first step is how entrepreneurs should get started with data.

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