Why companies should invest in data-driven working now

The world is standing still for a moment right now. We are dealing with bizarre circumstances due to the Corona virus. Within the economy, every sector reacts differently. There are sectors that are busier than normal, while other sectors have come to a complete standstill. There is one thing that all sectors are doing or should do at the moment: making choices based on data. DATA KINGDOM gives three reasons why companies should invest in data-driven work now.

No one has ever experienced this before

If an organization is not yet data-driven, choices will be made based on intuition. Due to the Coronavirus, many people are currently living in fear, which disrupts the (perhaps normally correct) gut feeling. So we will act based on emotion. Choices made based on fear or in times of uncertainty can potentially have adverse long-term consequences. It is not possible to act from experience at this point, as no one has ever experienced anything like this.

There is finally time to optimize

Many companies’ priorities now lie on the primary process. The store must continue to operate. Yet few organizations now dare to purchase services from others. There is a low willingness to invest, which means that companies are mainly focused on internal activities. The world outside seems to stand still. However, this offers opportunities for the optimization that had been planned for months, but kept being pushed back. There is finally time to increase organizational efficiency.

Preparing the organization for data-driven working

Successful organizations work data-driven. But how do you ensure that your organization works data-driven?

We wrote a white paper containing the step-by-step plan to a data-driven organization.


Save costs on labor

There are plenty of tasks that now suddenly have time for them again: the tasks that would normally be left behind. But were these left behind because they were not important enough? Or because they simply take too much time compared to the benefits? It is now time to organize this better structurally, for example through automation. Tasks such as preparing certain reports or Collecting information from different source files or systems are time-consuming jobs with the aim of gaining insight. By automating these tasks, labor costs can be saved in the future or the focus of the work of these workers can be shifted to analyzing instead of collecting data. This takes your organization to a higher level

This is the moment to invest

At this moment it is important to be able to act quickly, based on facts. Organizations that work data-driven will be more successful in the longer term. DATA KINGDOM has it in order to start working data-driven as quickly as possible “
dashboard in 1 week” concept rolled out. The organization can make choices based on the current status within 5 working days.

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Due to the Corona crisis, we now temporarily offer free data-driven strategic consultations. 

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