4 tips for sustainable entrepreneurship



Sustainable entrepreneurship

It is a much-discussed topic these days…

Many entrepreneurs mainly think of the impact of the organization on the environment, but sustainable entrepreneurship includes more. The focus of sustainable entrepreneurship is mainly on long-term objectives. Focusing the business climate on investing today to reap tomorrow. But how do you do this? DATA KINGDOM gives four tips.



5 tips

Optimize and visualize the mission and vision of the organisation

Your organization was founded on a mission. This could be to share as much knowledge as possible about a specific field, to provide transparency in a specific market or to meet a specific customer need. Several organizations may have this mission, but what makes your organization unique is the vision of how the mission is fulfilled. By making your mission and vision clear, you can show your employees and customers what you stand for as an organization. If this is in line with his or her ideals, a bond will naturally arise. This can be by following social media channels, applying for a job, purchasing a service or purchasing a product. An appealing way to share the mission and vision is through an animated video or inspiring drawing using visual thinking.


Analyse the cooperation with your suppliers

To create your product or service, you have to deal with suppliers. Start by mapping your suppliers and your collaboration. Which aspects of your collaboration could be more environmentally conscious or have a more positive impact on society? You can think of the climate-neutral transport of your products, the number of meetings that can take place without boarding a plane or the personnel policy regarding staff with disabilities. By making these aspects important to your suppliers, your organization’s entire supply chain will become more sustainable.

Invest in your staff

Your staff is one of the most valuable assets of your organization. It is therefore important to take the interests of your staff into account. You can give your staff more responsibilities so that they feel ownership of the activities and results. A common investment in personnel is to increase their knowledge and expertise through training. Your staff will feel valued when the organization is willing to invest time and money in their personal development.

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Set sustainability objectives and monitor the status.

To quantify the degree of sustainability, it is important to set objectives. These objectives can be drawn up by the management team, but they are often formulated in a brainstorming session under the guidance of a change management consultant who has experience in implementing sustainable entrepreneurship. To ensure progress on these new sustainability goals, KPI’s will need to be established. Monitoring these KPI’s ensures that the impact of the actions is immediately visible. Efficient organizations use a KPI dashboard. To make sustainability important, it is important that the general manager regularly draws attention to how the objectives are going and to what extent they have already been achieved.

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