5 dashboard benefits to make more profits!

DATA KINGDOM explains how you can achieve more profit for your company with a dashboard!

How a dashboard ensures higher profits

Your business is doing well! You achieve noticeable growth every quarter and see that the activities have a positive effect on turnover. Despite the turbulent year of 2020 (a global corona crisis pandemic and a stagnant global economy), your company has still kept its head above water. To continue this progress, it is important to explore which opportunities will allow your business to grow further. 

Nowadays, data-driven working is more of a ‘must have’ than a ‘nice to have’ for the further growth of your company. An organization that does not yet work data-driven clearly has less insight into the factors that make your company even more profitable. Therefore, don’t miss these opportunities and be ahead of your competitors! 

Have a dashboard developed for your company. This gives you a concrete overview of business activities, productivity and other information needs, in a substantiated manner. A KPI dashboard contains visualizations of a company’s crucial information and data. It is just like the dashboard in your car, indispensable if you want to reach your destination at the right speed. A dashboard creates a clear diagram for the important figures achieved within a company. These numbers are crucial for increasing profits for a company. Why will you think? We list 5 reasons how a dashboard can optimize profits for a company.


Developing a dashboard

5 dashboard benefits that lead to more profit

  1. Devising future strategies: Because a company has a grip on the current status, the management team (or the self-managing team) can devise strategies that yield higher returns for the organization. These strategies help in increasing profits.

  2. A dashboard helps with time management: If you know on which factors your company is performing well, you can invest more time in the segments where further optimization is needed. If your company invests time in the areas where further improvement is needed, you will save time and money. This cost reduction leads to more profit with the same turnover.

  3. Making analyzes of the data: An important advantage of a dashboard is that a company can more easily make analyzes of the data. Because a company’s data is clearly presented in a dashboard. Substantiated choices based on analyzes lead to less chance of mistakes.

  4. Reduction of costs: A dashboard creates quick insights about the data. This results in time savings for searching for relevant data. The dashboard helps your company with the automated display of the most important data. Your employees will work more efficiently if they no longer have to spend time collecting data, but can immediately get started with the analyzes displayed.

  5. Integration of multiple sources: Your organization’s business activities are diverse. For example, there are different branches and departments that generate and use their own management information. A dashboard neatly integrates the (side) activities of your organization, allowing company-wide productivity to be measured. This allows you to focus on what needs your attention, rather than trying to know about everything. 


You never work alone in data-driven work

DATA KINGDOM is committed to your company to further realize the profit optimization of your company. We do this by providing or facilitating dashboard development. Power BI is a Microsoft program with which we summarize your data in a dashboard. We ensure that your information needs are mapped out in an interactive manner in our design thinking workshop. After we have incorporated your information needs into a functional design, we translate the design into a dashboard that clearly and concretely displays the achieved figures. This way you can immediately start working effectively on your objectives, and you too can become king of your own data! 

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