A data-driven organization: the masterclasses



To be an efficient and customer-oriented organization. We all want that, right?

To ensure that we can provide the customer with optimal service, we need the correct information. Now, gaining insight into everything that is going on can be a daily task, which the average employee does not really have time for in addition to the many other tasks. Tasks are clearly divided within the department, but who provides an overview?

Data-driven working is increasingly becoming the new norm in today’s society. Well-known, successful organizations increasingly indicate that they work data-driven. These organizations base their choices and objectives on data, and therefore work data-driven.

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But what is data-driven working?

Data-driven working is management based on raw facts and raw data. Consider formulating purchasing policy based on sales figures per region or determining staff capacity based on the number of visitors in the morning compared to the afternoon hours.

Putting the customer first is best done by acting on the basis of data and facts about the customer. However, making an organization or department work data-driven is easier said than done. That is why DATA KINGDOM facilitates the training ‘Preparing an organization for data-driven working.’ In this training you will not only learn what data-driven working entails and what the benefits are, but also what steps need to be taken to achieve this.


Training data-driven working

To be able to work data-driven, you need a report with facts. However, preparing reports takes a lot of time, which means that reports are not always up to date. A solution to this is to develop a dashboard. A dashboard is an information management tool that shows the current status. A dashboard can be created using graphs in Excel, but there are also various Business Intelligence (BI) tools that are very user-friendly.

What kind of tooling?

A commonly used BI tool is the free software program from Microsoft called Power BI. With the help of Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, it is possible to prepare the report once and refresh it automatically. Using Power BI you can combine data from different sources, such as Excel files, Google Analytics or databases, into one clear dashboard. This saves you a lot of time identifying insights that can help you put the citizen first.

DATA KINGDOM facilitates Power BI training in a so-called Power BI Bootcamp. During the ‘Power BI bootcamp’ you will learn what Power BI is and how to use this tool. Through a set of exercises you will work on creating automated reports with this free Microsoft software. The best part is, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge. Some even say that Power BI is simpler than Excel!


Power BI training for companies

What does that look like?

To ensure that the reports are used, it is important to know what should be included in these reports. However, it is difficult for someone else to estimate what information needs he or she has. It is therefore wise to ask the recipient of the report about his wishes. To do this in an innovative way, you can use a Design Thinking workshop. In this workshop various questions are asked, such as: What activities do you carry out during your work? What are the biggest challenges in your work? Which activities take the most time to provide insight?

Clear KPIs are determined based on the highest priority insights. But how do we want to display these KPI’s in the KPI dashboard? This is all covered in a Design Thinking Workshop that can be facilitated by DATA KINGDOM. After the workshop, we process what was discussed into a dashboard design. Within a few days, participants will receive a file containing the designs and the information required to create the dashboard with their newly learned Power BI skills.


More information about the Design Thinking workshop?

DATA KINGDOM therefore has all the training in-house to make your organization or department work more data-driven. This way, based on the current status, a transparent and effective decision can be made about the best next step for your organization. 

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