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Then consider the mandatory further training!

We are currently facing uncertain times due to COVID-19. As a result, many employees fear for their jobs, while employers are forced to be creative with their business model. The government has indicated that it wants to support organizations through the NOW scheme. If an organization wants to claim the second NOW support, they will have to meet a certain number of conditions. One of the obligations is to encourage further training and retraining (source:

Mandatory retraining

Employers who apply for compensation in the second NOW support round are obliged to encourage their employees to take further training and retraining. Employers will have to declare how they will complete this when applying for NOW 2.0. This initiative arose from the government because some of the people who currently receive a salary through the emergency measure have no guarantee of job security in the future. The vast majority will have to take into account that their work will disappear in the near future. Partly because the sector in which they work is shrinking. To prevent them from ending up unemployed at home, with all the economic consequences that entails, Minister Koolmees wants them to prepare for other types of work.

Working with data is the future

Additional or retraining is necessary to remain relevant in the future. When looking at the 8 most future-proof professions, ‘something with data’ is in 2nd place (source:
HR kiosk)

  1. Cybersecurity expert
  2. Data scientist
  3. Healthcare professionals
  4. Marketing, communication and design
  5. Delivery/Logistics management
  6. Human resources
  7. Gig worker
  8. Cook

Now we understand that not all organizations can retrain their employees to become data scientists. It is possible to increase basic knowledge of data analysis. Nowadays there are various Business Intelligence Tools available, where reasonable steps can be taken with little knowledge of data science. An Excel course would be a possibility, but there is a program that takes data visualization a step further. We’re talking about this Power BI.

Curious about what Power BI is?

Let DATA KINGDOM introduce you to the Power BI introductory training. In 1 hour we will introduce you to the basics of Power BI and show you how to quickly create simple visual overviews.

A half-day of additional training as a basis for the NOW

If the organization facilitates a basic Power BI course for employees, this can serve as substantiation for the 2nd NOW application. Training employees with future-oriented competencies, namely visualizing and analyzing data, will make the application for financial support from the government successful.

DATA KINGDOM facilitates Power BI training for companies. Within 4 hours we will introduce participants to the basics of Power BI. During the
Power BI training
participants learn how to quickly and easily apply visual data analysis.

DATA KINGDOM comes to your organization on location with 2 instructors. The training takes approximately 4-5 hours. A brief explanation will be given about Power BI and the possibilities. The participant is then guided step by step through the program with challenging exercises. We conclude the training with a demonstration of what a professional can ultimately work towards. The participants receive training material so they can continue at a later time.

Facilitating a Power BI training guarantees financial support from the government and ensures that your employees become and remain relevant. This way, your organization will remain future-proof even after COVID-19 times.


Due to the Corona crisis, we now temporarily offer free Power BI introductory training. 

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