Business Intelligence (BI): what is that?



There is a lot of talk about BI these days, but what exactly is it?

BI stands for Business Intelligence, which can be freely translated to knowledge about the organization. This knowledge is gained through the available information. BI can therefore be seen as accessing business information. In most cases, this is done through reports on processes and business activities.



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What is BI used for?

BI is used in organizations as management information to manage business processes. In order for these processes to run as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to collect data, convert it into relevant information and perform analyzes on it. Organizations that have a lot of data at their disposal can therefore develop different BI reports. These reports full of valuable business analyzes allow decisions to be made faster, which are also more effective and efficient.

Who uses BI?

BI reports are mainly used by (higher) management to make decisions. Based on the insights they have obtained, management can manage processes or request optimization from those responsible within the organization. The management team often uses BI reports to view the most relevant information in a clear manner. This way they can continue to switch quickly.

How is a BI report created?

A BI report must be developed in a business intelligence tool. There are various business intelligence tools on the market. A tool that is widely used worldwide is Power BI. Power BI makes it possible to quickly gain insight into digital data by linking multiple information sources. These insights are collected in a dashboard that can be accessed online via the browser or an app.

From BI reporting to dashboard

A BI report is developed by a dashboard developer. A simple dashboard can already be built by an enthusiast who has followed Power BI training . For complex BI reports, organizations often choose to have a dashboard created.

BI for your organisation?

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