Digitization: being able to switch quickly



How to stay ‘up to speed’?

Today, economic developments are happening faster than ever due to digitalization. But can you still keep up with your own work pace? DATA KINGDOM conducted research into today’s work pace and found the solution to stay ‘up to speed’.

Nederland is one of the best digital countries of Europe

The Netherlands is in the top 3 ‘digital economy countries’ within Europe according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). This means that the quality of the digital infrastructure, online skills of residents, the use of digital applications, online services provided by the government and the extent to which and how the business community is digitally active in the Netherlands is very high.

European companies are continuously working on the technologies and trends surrounding data collection, storage and analysis. Data is analyzed, but in most cases not on the entire data set. 1 in 3 large companies uses big data analysis. SMEs only use big data in 12 percent of the cases. Researchers claim that many benefits can be achieved in the SME sector by starting to analyze data.

Digitalization allows you to make decisions faster than ever

The arrival of data and algorithms has created innovative services and products that have become indispensable, or that promise new opportunities. As a result, the Dutch economy has grown at a rapid pace. The digitalization of society has drastically reduced the time it takes to make a decision, but can we still keep up? Every minute counts these days. We are constantly connected to each other through the advent of digital communication, such as platforms and video calling.


Too much information gives stress 

Because we are highly digitally active in the Netherlands, produce a lot of data and have to switch quickly, we experience an abundance of information. The 2018 National Working Conditions Survey shows that 28 percent of Dutch employees have to process so much information in their daily work that they fail. This concerns almost 1 in 3 employees. Which indirectly means that 1 in 3 employees cannot perform his or her job properly due to an overload of information. 

The need for data learning (the ability to read, work with, analyze and argue with data) is increasing enormously, where governance, security and data quality are essential. In this analytical economy it is increasingly important, but also increasingly difficult, to make informed choices without losing momentum.   

More and more employees experience pressure to collect all information, process it and take the next step based on facts instead of gut feeling. After all, the data is there… But how do we ensure that we make well-founded decisions, include all the data, but not get lost in the suffering that is too much information.

All information you need, without doing anything for it 

DATA KINGDOM has the solution to analyze data without losing much time on complicated analyses; data visualization in a clear dashboard. The dashboard shows the current status of predetermined variables or objectives. What goes into the dashboard is determined in the design thinking workshop. After the dashboard is delivered by the princes and princesses of DATA KINGDOM, you can immediately start analyzing the data. A step forward in the digitalization of your organization. You will once again be able to make well-founded choices when it really matters. Want to keep track of your own work pace? With DATA KINGDOM you are king of your data; in charge of the situation of today and tomorrow.

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