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DATA KINGDOM ensures that organizations can become more data-driven. You can have us develop your dashboard while you focus on the core activities of your organization.

Your organization has made the choice for efficiency and quality. There is a need for well-founded choices instead of decisions based on intuition. To work data-driven, constant insight into the raw data and facts is required. This can be done by means of an online dashboard. But how do you get a dashboard? DATA KINGDOM can help you with this.

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a visual representation of the data within the organization. A dashboard often shows this data in the form of graphs, maps and charts. A KPI dashboardprovides direct insight into the status of your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

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More effective organizations have a dashboard

In most organizations, management has the various managers draw up reports to share the state of affairs. As a result, managers spend a lot of time collecting input and then processing it into a clear report. Organizations could become more efficient and effective by automating these reports. The solution: have an automated report developed by a professional supplier!



Focus on what you’re good at

When you have a dashboard developed, you as an organization can focus on the actions that arise from the new insights. DATA KINGDOM develops dashboards based on the information needs of the organization. What information will appear on the dashboard is determined in a design thinking workshop. Together we look at how the KPIs can best be displayed. We will develop this dashboard using Power BI while you focus on your business activities.

A dashboard ensures that you never have to spend time gaining insight into the status. This dashboard constantly shows the state of affairs, while you can spend time on what makes you happy. This way you become king of your own data!

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