How can I increase the efficiency of my organization?

Many organizations struggle with complicated processes and long lead times. The management team often has the difficult task of monitoring these processes and making adjustments where necessary. The need for efficiency increases is expressed again on a regular basis. But how do you do that as an organization? Increasing efficiency.

DATA KINGDOM gives three tips:

Clearly express expectations

Every employee has his duties and responsibilities. Everyone works hard every day to perform these tasks as best as possible. An example: Jantje has worked hard for days on a proposal, but when he hands it over to Pietje, a disappointment arises. Pietje had counted on an extensive elaboration of the purchasing procedure instead of the sales procedure.
If the management team does not set clear goals, or does not translate these into explicit expectations of the employee, the risk of disappointment is greater. For this reason, the work will have to be adjusted more often and therefore have to be reexamined. This has a huge impact on efficiency. When clear expectations are expressed with measurable results, the chance of a ‘first time right’ is many times greater, which immediately increases efficiency.

Improve internal collaboration

Communication is key. If different departments do not speak with each other or do not speak a different ‘language’, this will have an impact on efficiency. If it is not clear what the other person means, misinterpretations will arise. This allows work to be carried out that later turned out to be unnecessary or friction arises between different employees or departments. This results in loss of efficiency. It is therefore important that all employees have their noses pointing in the same direction. The purpose of the organization should be the top priority for everyone. When the objectives and results of all departments are transparent, mutual understanding will be increased and internal cooperation will improve.

Automate central management information and management information per staff department

The management team is often looking for instruments to monitor progress on strategic and departmental objectives. Various departments are asked to prepare reports on the results of their activities. Preparing these reports takes time, while this time could be spent making progress on the objectives. Automating these reports has a major impact on efficiency, allowing the management team to make quicker adjustments, while the various departments continue to maintain or even increase their productivity.

Increasing efficiency within your organization is therefore all about clear objectives, expectations and quick insight. A clear dashboard with all relevant management information can be an instrument to achieve a higher degree of efficiency. This dashboard can be used at management level to manage the entire operation more efficiently, while at department level it can help to carry out the operation more efficiently.

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