Drawing up a data strategy: how does it work?


How do I ensure that my organization works more data-driven?

Successful organizations do not make decisions based on gut feeling. These organizations base their choices and objectives on data, and therefore work data-driven. But how can you as an organization work better in a data-driven way? Does your organization already have a data-driven strategy?

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Always start with a strategy!

With all the new data we collect every day, handling data properly is becoming increasingly important. If your organization or team really wants to become data-driven, a solid data strategy is crucial. Working with data can be quite overwhelming and it often happens that people no longer see the data because of all the numbers. 


A data strategy can be drawn up by answering the questions surrounding the following components

Organizational objectives

What does the organization want to achieve? What are the long-term goals? And which short-term goals are below?

Data objectives

The organizational objectives will be the basis for the data objectives. Here you determine what the goal is in terms of data. There should be a clear link with the organizational objectives; for example, insight into the acquisition or a detailed overview of the gross margin per product sold. What insights are needed to monitor the organizational objectives?

Data wishes and requirements

What data should you have available to achieve your objectives (both data and organizational objectives)? What are you legally allowed to store and what are you not allowed to store? And what is not in line with the integrity and values ​​of your organization?

Data storage and security

Where is the data stored? How sensitive is the information? How quickly and how often will the data be consulted? How long do you keep the stored data?

Data processing

Who owns which data? When using external tools: have processing agreements been concluded? Does everything comply with the privacy legislation (GDPR/AVG)? Which people should have admin rights?

Curious about the complete step-by-step plan to become a data-driven organization?

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