How do I ensure a data-driven culture?


Build a data-driven culture

All preconditions for data-driven working have now been implemented. Now it’s a matter of doing it! As with any change, pioneers will be needed. A good example is followed, so management will have to substantiate every decision they make with data. When it is stated which choices have been strategically made, it is also important to mention on the basis of which data this was done.

Start with the most important taks

An organization-wide kick-off containing the change story is a good start for the new data-driven culture. When management gives a presentation containing the organizational objectives, the data strategy and a presentation of the dashboard, the willingness to change is immediately present in most cases.

Trust the employees

It is important that trust in data is supported and stimulated organization-wide. Data definitions will always have to be recorded centrally, creating a single source of truth.


Stimulate the employees

It is advisable to encourage employees to include a data-driven element in their personal objectives. People must want to use data and encourage others to do so too. HR could (if applicable) record in the job requirements which data skills are required for which role.


Ensure that there are television screens or other displays in the common areas showing the public KPIs. This allows employees to quickly become familiar with reasoning based on facts.

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