Is Power BI free?

Would you also like to use Power BI within your organization, but are you curious about the costs? We looked it up for you.

At DATA KINGDOM we ensure that everyone becomes king of their own data through a
dashboard. A dashboard can be developed in different ways, from customization to the use of certain business intelligence tooling.
We use the BI tool from Microsoft called
Power BI.
Microsoft is known for being quite pricey, but many people still use Microsoft software. Power BI is also being used more and more, but what does it actually cost? Is Power BI free?

There are various options for using Power BI, with different licensing costs. Installing and using Power BI Desktop is free. With Power BI Desktop you can develop reports and easily analyze your data. You can also publish the Power BI reports on the internet at no extra cost.

If you want to use multiple applications – such as sharing reports with a specific e-mail address – there are various licensing options. The image below shows a summary of which options become available with which license. These licenses all have a different cost, with the number of users determining the optimal choice.

power bi licenses

At DATA KINGDOM we have various solutions to continue working with the free version of Power BI for as long as possible. This keeps our dashboards affordable, allowing us to make everyone king of their own data.

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