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Do you also want to become king of your data? We wrote a white paper containing a step-by-step plan on how you can prepare your organization for data-driven working.

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Data-driven working is increasingly becoming the new norm. Well-known, successful organizations increasingly indicate that they work data-driven. These organizations base their choices and objectives on data, and therefore work data-driven. In this whitepaper we explain what data-driven working entails, and how you as an organization can best prepare for data-driven working.

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During the ‘data-driven working’ training you will learn what data-driven working entails, what the benefits are and how you as an organization can best prepare for data-driven working.


DATA KINGDOM asked readers what they got out of the white paper

“It sounds logical, but to ensure that a dashboard is always up to date, it is important that the information sources are accessible online. So we are now working on making as much data as possible available in the cloud, instead of on the Internet. local desktop. Good preparation for data-driven working is necessary”

“I never thought about drawing up a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In other words, recording the agreements between the organization and the supplier (internally external) so that I can fall back on this if the agreed quality is not delivered.”

“Data-driven working is not only about collecting useful insights in a faster and better way, but it is also used to predict ‘future’ developments. Data-driven working makes your employees believe in their work and the mission of the organization again. If you really want to become data-driven as an organization or team, preparation for data-driven work and a solid data strategy are crucial.”

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