The Human side of data


More and more companies are convinced that data offers many opportunities an possibilities for your organization. With data you can make better decisions in advance. A challenge, however, is tackle the cause of the problem.  

Discovering this information is a matter of human work. It is very valuable to gink about this aspect. By brainstorming together about the information you need, you can really track down which data is needed. This ensures that only useful data is displayed. Of course, this means that you can make information-derived decisions from now on. 


Mapping the information needs is a human job

One way to map out this information need is Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a modern method for shaping innovation in a creative way. It is a collection of different activities such as analyzing the situation, defining the problem, creative thinking, solution-oriented thinking, sketching and building prototypes. DATA KINGDOM offers a KPI Design Thinking Workshop  to help you find out which data is relevant to report.

Developing dashboard

Preparing the people in your organization

Once it has been determined (through Design Thinking) which data is relevant for analyses, this must of course be implemented. Here too, a human side of data emerges. The data must be worked with (by different people in the company). However, this does not happen automatically. People basically don’t like change. People will not suddenly switch from one day to the next from steering based on gut feeling to steering based on steering information. To help with this, the princes and princesses of DATA KINGDOM provide the training ‘data-driven working’. During this training you will learn how you can best prepare your organization for the transition to data-driven working.

To use the data as usefully as possible, the human side must be used optimally, and we are happy to help you with that!