What is a KPI dashboard?

DATA KINGDOM is involved in developing dashboards on a daily basis. We increasingly see a need for a KPI dashboard. But what exactly is that?

A dashboard is an information management tool that shows the current status. A dashboard can be about many different things. Consider a dashboard in your car, where the current status of your speed, fuel supply and engine block temperature is constantly displayed.

Due to the digital transformation of contemporary society, more and more information is available. An organization’s management needs this valuable information to make well-founded choices about which direction the organization is going, or what the next step will be in its daily operations. This management information can be bundled in a dashboard. So that, just like with the example of the dashboard in your car, you are constantly aware of how your organization is doing.

KPIs can be created to ensure that relevant matters are managed. A KPI – short for key performance indicator – is a variable used to measure the success of an organization, action or department. Multiple KPIs combined provide a complete picture of progress and success. Organizations often have clear objectives that can be translated into measurable statistics. These statistics can serve as KPIs.

What kind of KPI’s?

Examples of KPI’s are:

  • Turnover (or turnover growth)
  • Number of visitors to the website
  • Number of complaints
  • Average response time to email
  • Number of new customers
  • Number of orders
  • Number of followers on social media

A variable can only be called a KPI if it can be controlled. DATA KINGDOM can help define the KPIs that are relevant enough to monitor daily. We do this by means of a design thinking sessie
where we look at the challenges and goals of the organization.

When an organization has a clear dashboard

with the critical performance indicators, it is called a KPI dashboard. A KPI dashboard therefore shows the current status of progress on the organization’s objectives. When an organization has a KPI dashboard, it will be better able to manage successes that lead to achieving the goal. For example, adjusting absenteeism due to illness by focusing on employees’ health or investing in training to increase the level of knowledge in the organization, resulting in higher quality and efficiency.

In order to have insight into the progress on the objectives for everyone, management can choose to share this dashboard in a clear manner with the organization. This can be done on a television screen in the company restaurant, but also by making a TV available on a online dashboard at the intranet.

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