What is data-driven working?

Would you like to know what data-driven working entails? Curious about the benefits of data-driven working? DATA KINGDOM explains.

Data-driven working is increasingly becoming the new norm. Well-known, successful organizations increasingly indicate that they work data-driven. These organizations base their choices and objectives on data, and therefore work data-driven. Data-driven working is management based on raw facts and raw data. Consider formulating purchasing policy based on sales figures per region or determining staff capacity based on the number of visitors in the morning compared to the afternoon hours.


dashboard presentation
dashboard presentation

What is… data-driven working?

Data-driven working consists of collecting data, analyzing this data so that it can be converted into information, interpreting the information into useful insights, and then making an informed decision so that decisions can be made faster, better and more accurately.

Data-driven working is used to predict future developments in order to respond to them as best as possible. With the help of data it is possible to organize the processes as efficiently as possible.

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With data-driven working you get:


Required and permitted information is available throughout the chain, so that information is available at the desired time and without interruptions.

Greater maneuverability

Faster and better response to the organization because data analysis provides faster insight into what is to come and the right information is always available at the right time.


Results at lower costs and with a shorter lead time because analyzes are used to find bottlenecks in the process, automate steps and make decisions based on facts.


Higher quality because the actions are measured afterwards or in real-time for effectiveness, efficiency and value. Data management ensures standardization which improves quality.


Choices that are substantiated and based on clear facts.

Better policy development

Policies and decisions made based on data are more targeted because adding data insights provide a broader, more complete and more objective picture.

Curious about examples about ‘What is data-driven working?’

Our QEO (Quality and Efficiency Officer) was a guest on GetResponseLive to talk about data-driven work. Watch the video for more information.

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