What is Power BI?

Power BI is an interactive tool developed by Microsoft.
The tool makes it possible, among other things, to quickly gain insight into digital data by linking multiple information sources. 

Without getting too technical, we can compare it with the following:

You have a separate room full of books, which you think are in boxes in a fairly structured manner. When moving, the mover indicates that he will arrange the books as desired in the new house. You give him a list of how you would like to see the distribution. In the new layout, books suddenly appear that you were not aware of. The mover can be compared to Power BI and the books with data. The tool collects the data, sorts and visualizes it in an insightful manner.

Developing dashboard

Power BI creates insights

Power BI helps to gain insight into information needs and is strong at combining data from different sources without having to adjust these sources. The tool will extract the information from the various existing systems and show the current status in one overview. Ready to use!

Power BI provides insight into the data by visualizing data in such a way that connections become visible at a glance by using:

  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Cards
  • Diagrams
  • Calendars

By creating insight into the data, the user can make data-driven decisions. Conclusions can be drawn based on the data processed through data analysis, rather than on intuition.

A report created in Power BI can then be shared with all users within the organization. The information is automatically updated, allowing the status to be shared in a simple and transparent manner. This way everyone is constantly king of their own data!

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