Why is data visualization important?



The amount of data in an organization continues to grow. The number of products or services sold per week, number of website visitors, the number of sick colleagues, costs. It’s starting to become more and more confusing, all those rows full of information. However, valuable insights can emerge when this information is used effectively. But how do you use data as effectively as possible? By visualizing this data!



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What is data visualization?

Data visualization is a visual representation of the data. This can be done by means of graphs, maps or images. Visualizing the data makes processing the information easier for our brains. It has been scientifically proven that 70% of information is interpreted and remembered better when it is presented visually rather than told or shared in text form.


What is possible through data visualization?

Data visualization makes it possible to recognize patterns, providing more insight. By combining certain data within a visualization, mutual correlations become visible. For example, a graph would clearly show a higher number of colleagues being ill in the winter months compared to the summer months, or a significant increase in sales in the days before Christmas. It can also be examined over the years whether there is an upward or downward trend in certain critical performance indicators.

Data visualization ensures that a helicopter view of the entire situation is created. When more data becomes available, we are forced to use that information more efficiently and effectively. We need to analyze the information to assess whether it has added value in our decision-making. Data visualization makes it possible to make these analyzes faster and more effective. No longer having to process the data saves time, but also ensures higher quality substantiation.


A training to visualize your data?

How do I apply data visualization?

A common application of data visualization is collecting data and visualizations in one place using a KPI dashboard. A dashboard is created using a Business Intelligence tool, such as Power BI. The advantage of these tools is that the data behind the visualizations is automatically refreshed. This way, the data visualization always shows the latest status.

Get started right away with data visualization!

Interested in getting started with data visualization? You can choose to visualize data yourself with the Microsoft Power BI tool. We have developed a Power BI training in which you will master the basic principles of visualizing data within 4 hours. Would you rather outsource? You can have us create a dashboard.

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