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There is a good chance that you are also thinking about having a Power BI dashboard created. There is a reason that you ended up here on the site. With a professional Power BI dashboard you will also be able to easily monitor your organization. These reports make it even easier to gain better insight into your own organization. Curious about what exactly a Power BI dashboard is and why you should engage us? Then read on, because we’ll show it all to you today.

Considering having a Power BI dashboard created?

What is a Power BI dashboard?

Let’s start with the most important question: what is a Power BI dashboard anyway? A Power BI dashboard is also called a canvas. It is a page that uses visualizations to tell a story. Because the Power BI dashboard is limited to one page in most cases, you are able to keep it concise. The visualizations that can be seen on the Power BI dashboard are called tiles. These tiles are pinned to the dashboard by report designers to ensure this information is visible on screen.

A Power BI dashboard can also be seen as a gateway to the various types of underlying reports and datasets. When you select a visualization, you go straight to the report that was used to create the visualization. This means that you can see per string how this has been calculated and what the results are that your organization achieves.

Why have a Power BI dashboard created?

Now you may be wondering what the reasons are to have a Power BI dashboard developed. The main advantage of such a dashboard is that it is a simple way to monitor your organization. With a Power BI dashboard you will see all important statistics related to your organization at a glance. For example, you can see which sales you have made for this year and which country most customers come from. In addition, a lot is possible when it comes to tailoring the data that is displayed. For example, the visualizations on a dashboard can come from one underlying dataset or from several.

A dashboard can combine numerous types of cloud data to provide a consolidated view regardless of where the data resides. The fact that you are able to easily personalize the Power BI dashboard means that you can fully map your organization in the way you like. The final benefit is that Power BI dashboards are able to run external apps. This high level of user-friendliness makes it possible, for example, to view the reports easily and quickly from your mobile phone or tablet.

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Do you also opt for a Power BI dashboard?

We hope that the information from this article has helped you learn more about creating a Power BI dashboard. Thanks to a Power BI dashboard, you can be sure that you too are able to clearly monitor your organization. Our team is the right place for you to have a professional Power BI dashboard created. By choosing our services today, you too will be able to better map your company and perform the most in-depth analyzes time and time again. For more information about having a Power BI dashboard created, it is always possible to contact us directly.

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