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As a data analyst at DATA KINGDOM, I enjoy developing insightful dashboards to help companies make better decisions based on their own data. Last quarter, I started on a client project to develop a series of reports aimed at unlocking valuable insights from their (quite large and varied) data. This assignment was not only a technical challenge but also required a good understanding of the business to comprehend the complex data model.

Consultant perspectief complexe datamodel flextender

The complexity of this data model is formed by various aspects:

  • Comprehensive Tables: The model was rich in detailed tables meticulously modeled in Power Query and sourced from various data sources.

  • Relationships: There were numerous relationships between tables, which required additional digging into calculations and tables to understand which relationships were used or implicitly invoked in the various measures.

  • Hierarchies: The data contained various hierarchies, sometimes making it challenging to fully understand the structure of the model. Think of customer type, customer, project, request, vacancy, just to name a few.

  • Financial Logic: A deep understanding of financial reporting


It was a journey of discovery that brought me deep into the core of the company. I learned about their financial processes, their customers, their services, and much more. Each new insightful discovery brought me closer to creating valuable dashboards that would truly add value to the client’s business operations.

I have developed many different types of dashboards, including:

  • Gaining insight into the true values of their rates and project information. With these findings, they were able to further fine-tune and adjust their strategy;

  • Furthermore, I clarified and expanded the dashboards for the Team Managers, providing them with better operational insights;

  • I also delved into the financial aspects, including the development of eliminations and subtotals in the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. These contribute to a constantly up-to-date view of budgets, actuals, and a consolidated overview;

  • Additionally, a market data dashboard was further developed. It now presents insights that are generalizable and relevant to the entire industry.

In addition to developing complex measures and (Power) queries, I have also gained more knowledge in the design aspect, creating more visually appealing visuals with custom formatting. This ensures that the right KPIs stand out and users can focus on the right numbers. By carefully defining and describing all visuals, I have developed dashboards that are not only powerful in their analysis but also user-friendly.

I look forward to applying my knowledge and experience in future projects. I aim to help more companies harness the full potential of their data.

Amber Kusters

Queen of Operations @ Data Kingdom

Consultant perspectief complexe datamodel flextender
Microsoft Certified