Dashboard in 1 week

An online dashboard provides a better overview of your business processes or activities. You have more insight with a dashboard. You want this as soon as possible. That is why we are introducing the “dashboard in 1 week” concept

Insight & overview. As quickly as possible.

You need insight. As quickly as possible. Due to various lists everywhere you have little overview, or it is all in your head. You want to keep everyone informed of the latest status, but you also have other priorities. You now need an up-to-date overview.

DATA KINGDOM introduces the “dashboard in 1 week” concept. In a week’s time, all steps are completed to arrive at an online dashboard.

DATA KINGDOM introduces the “dashboard in 1 week” concept. All steps are completed in a week to arrive at an online dashboard.

How does the week look like?

Monday: Design Thinking workshop

We start early in the morning by mapping the information needs. In a group of 2-6 end users, we will map out the information requirement in a problem-based manner. During the workshop we will provide insight into which KPIs and measurable objectives appear on the dashboard, and how these are visualized.

In the afternoon, DATA KINGDOM is working hard on the design and the information request. This will be delivered for approval at the end of the day.

Tuesday: Mapping information sources

The group of end users approves the design early in the morning. To work! Today, there is a lot of contact with the IT manager within the organization. It is analyzed whether the information sources can be accessed online, after which they can be linked to the Power BI development environment.

Wednesday: Developing the dashboard

Today it will feel like radio silence. We will spend all day visualizing data as decided in the design. Perhaps there will be a phone call with a question about the data definitions, but otherwise we are in full concentration behind our screens.

Thursday: Developing the dashboard

We start the day with a video meeting in which we will share the developments from the day before with the project group. Hopefully it is already starting to look like something, but we are especially curious whether our data interpretations are correct.

Few comments at first? Then we will continue quickly. This week flies by.

Friday: Demonstration training

We start the morning by going through the dashboard. We want to make sure that all data that is displayed is consistent with the internal reports. If changes are still needed, we still have a few hours to do this.

The demo is scheduled at the end of the day. In the demo we will explain how the KPIs are structured and we create an opportunity for questions.

In this way everyone enters the weekend as king of their own data!

What does a dashboard cost in a week?

You need insight quickly, but not at any cost. We want to offer you insight in advance into the lead time and costs of the dashboard.

For the dashboard in 1 week concept, you can opt for the one-time investment of € 5000 (excl. VAT) or an annual subscription of € 350 per month (excl. VAT) including support contract. With an annual subscription you save more than € 2300 in the first year!

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Disclaimer: The lead time of 1 week depends on the availability of data sources within the organization. If the data sources cannot be accessed within 1 day within the Power BI development environment, the project may be delayed. As a result, the lead time can be longer than 5 working days. The dashboard in 1 week concept will contain a maximum of 1 tab. If multiple tabs are desired, the content of the offer will be discussed again.

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