An online dashboard provides a better overview of your business processes or activities. You have more insight with a dashboard.

Make sure you focus on today’s situation instead of yesterday’s status

Developing dashboard

Why an online dashboard?

There are various reasons why it is better to display your reports in an online dashboard using Power BI than, for example, via an Excel report.

It is about what you prefer, but you have more insight with a dashboard.

Time consuming or fully automatic?

Several actions are required within Excel to create a report. The data will have to be imported into an Excel, data will have to be merged, before you can start your analysis.

An online dashboard automatically retrieves the data from the source to show the predefined analyzes fully automatically, without you having to do anything.

Complex or user-friendly?

When reports are further developed in Excel, these reports become increasingly complex as they grow. Complex reporting means that the developer is dependent on the interpretation of the information.

An online dashboard not only guarantees continuity through the user-friendly, clearly defined display. A dashboard also provides more options for adding user instructions.

Error-prone or reliable?

Excel requires human actions, which increases the error sensitivity of the data and formulas. This can lead to unreliable reports.

An online dashboard not only reads the data correctly, but also has the calculations and filters on a predefined definition. These constant settings ensure high reliability, which leads to reports that can be trusted with confidence.

Limited or always accessible?

When a report is developed in an Excel file, it has limited access to the developer’s computer or laptop. Another possibility is that the file is on a shared drive that multiple people have access to, which could lead to conflicting operations.

An online dashboard can provide a solution that allows all employees to rely on the most up-to-date information, without the risk of improper adjustment. Furthermore, an online solution offers the certainty of relying on the most up-to-date information and prevents the set-up of correct version management.

An online dashboard is always accessible, also on your tablet or mobile phone.

Shredded or all-encompassing?

Most organizations have a number of fragmented lists and Excel reports. When these fragmented data are added together, insights will arise that were not discussed before.

An overarching all-encompassing online dashboard offers the possibility of new cross-source information. Based on this new information, performance indicators can be developed to help the organization move forward.

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