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With data-driven Smarketing you become relevant to your customer by becoming king of your own data!

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Relevant voor je klant

Relevant & DATA KINGDOM together is Data-driven Smarketing

Smarketing, combining sales and marketing. And that is also data-driven!

At Relevant for your customer, they believe that companies can only be (and remain) successful in the present time if they dare to move away from the traditional sales model. In order to create valuable leads in the future and convert them into concrete agreements and deals, marketing and sales must enter into a (H) REAL collaboration with each other.

At DATA KINGDOM we believe it is important that the insights you are looking for are really relevant. We want you to have all the insights you need to manage today’s situation instead of yesterday.

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Marketing and sales companies that really deliver and make the result visible? Which can!

For this, we start at the beginning: formulating the objectives. What do you want to achieve as an organization and when is a marketing and / or sales campaign actually successful? Based on this input, we know exactly which data to use and where to get it from. We will help you one step further by providing insights into how you as an organization can get more out of the data. You will learn how to use data as a raw material for effective campaigns, how to analyze data, but also how to present it to stakeholders. Handy, because in this way the value of the campaigns can be demonstrated in hard euros. We therefore ensure that the strategy is driven by insights based on data.

To measure is to know, also for the smarketeer

Insight into the smarketing funnel ensures that you can optimize it. The better you know what your customer’s needs are, the easier it is for you to respond to this need. A data driven smarketing dashboard helps you to gain insight into the effectiveness of the sales and marketing activities. The smarketing objectives will be translated into KPIs, which will then be displayed on the Smarketing KPI dashboard.


Data-driven marketing for your organization too?

It is important to discuss the possibilities for your organization. It is even more important to know with whom you are going to set up this data-driven smarketing. Relevant & DATA KINGDOM therefore offer a free intake interview. In this meeting we will meet and discuss the objectives of your organization. This way you can make a no-obligation choice as to whether or not you want to implement data-driven smarketing in your organization.

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