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Successful organizations do not make decisions based on gut feeling. These organizations base their choices and objectives on the basis of data, and therefore work data-driven. But how can an organization work better data-driven? Does the organization already have a data-driven strategy? DATA KINGDOM is happy to provide advice through a ‘data-driven strategic consultation’.

Because our mission is to make everyone king of their own data, DATA KINGDOM wants to help organizations move forward. We not only help you to become king of your own data, but we now also offer you the opportunity to help your relations. This way everyone becomes king of their own data!

What is discussed during a data-driven strategic advisory meeting?

In a conversation of 30 to 60 minutes we discuss the organization, strategy and associated processes. DATA KINGDOM will then publish an advisory report on how the organization takes the next step towards data-driven working. In this way we can jointly see what the data-driven strategy of the organization will be.


What does a data-driven strategic consultation cost?

Normally we charge an amount of € 245 (excl. VAT) for the data-driven strategic advisory meeting, the development of this consultation and the delivery of the advisory report. When you request a meeting for your own organization or give it as a gift, the meeting is now temporarily completely free!

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