In control of your data

The training for developing dashboards and becoming aware of the risks of the use of data.

Nowadays everyone is aware of the value of data. Data offers us more and more possibilities, especially to discover trends and patterns. The more we know, the better we can serve our customers. Collecting data is therefore becoming increasingly important in working more efficiently and effectively. But this also involves risks.

To give organizations all the tools to get started in a controlled manner, data-driven, DATA KINGDOM has developed the “In control of your data” training. This training consists of an introduction to one of the most used business intelligence tools called Power BI and the much needed knowledge of the privacy rules.

What do we cover during the ‘In control of your data’ training?

Data visualization using Power BI

  • Prepare data
  • Explore data
  • Visualize (topographic) data
  • Using DAX
  • Using Q&A functionality
  • Explore Microsoft Marketplace

The basics of privacy

  • Which data is relevant
  • Need for data at a personal level
  • The most important rules
  • Privacy checklist¬†

Want to know more about Power BI now?

Would you like to know more about how the different licenses within Power BI? Download our white paper “Different Power BI licenses” to learn more about this.

Tell me more…

DATA KINGDOM specializes in automating data analysis by means of dashboards. We want everyone to feel like a king over their own data. We keep the groups small so that we can give the attention that the participants deserve. This is a training that provides enough knowledge to get started right away, but also to be aware of the laws and regulations that are involved.

How does the ‘In control of your data’ training work?

DATA KINGDOM offers this training on location or online. A brief explanation will be given about Power BI, the possibilities. We then guide you step-by-step with challenging exercises through Power BI. We provide a demonstration of what a professional can ultimately work towards. Participants also receive training material to be able to continue at a later time. In the data privacy part of the training, our data privacy advocate will explain which laws and regulations apply. Finally, participants are challenged with two cases to think about the risks and their ideal solutions.

When the training is on location, we come with 2 instructors on location of your choice. The complete training takes approximately 6 hours.

If you prefer to organize the Power BI training via online channels, we will of course facilitate this. In most cases we then give sessions 3 times to keep the energy level as interactive as possible.

Date and times can be agreed.

What does the ‘In control of your data’ training cost?

The costs for the DATA KINGDOM “In control of your data” Training depend on the number of people and number of training sessions. Quotation on request.

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