Information at the right moment

I have the information, but is it current?

A large number of employees do not see the available information at the right time. The information is available, but is often shared just or not in time. The ideal situation would be a view where the current data is constantly visible. DATA KINGDOM can take care of that.

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Different data sources create chaos

Isn’t it frustrating that you have to deal with different data sources every day, but you no longer know what to look at first? Every day, organizations produce an abundance of data. The processing of that data is not updated daily. Simply because it takes too much work and time. An internal employee is therefore assigned the task of creating an overview via Excel, but does not have the time to update this daily. This creates outdated information.


I want an up-to-date overview!

Frustration about outdated information? We can help you! With an online dashboard you can constantly see the most current status, in one clear overview

No more manual reports!

Entering data manually increases the chance of errors. No one wants to make mistakes, but it happens anyway. Today could be the day that you leave this method of data processing behind for good and keep all data up to date.


5 tips

Get rid of outdated and redundant data

Do you also want to be able to switch at the right time?

  • One overview in a usable dashboard Data-driven working
  • Constantly reliable data
  • No more time spent collecting information
  • View your information anywhere, on your desktop, tablet or phone

All this could be possible without taking much time or effort. DATA KINGDOM can already meet your information needs by delivering dashboards within 1 week! With a dashboard you can check today’s situation instead of yesterday’s status.

Servinio dashboard

You are only king of your own data if you can see it

The best way to see the benefits of an online dashboard in action is to watch our demo. There are several reasons why it is better to display your reports in an online dashboard with Power BI than, for example, via an Excel report. Your online dashboard can provide insight into:

  • Turnover
  • Stock value
  • Gross profit margin
  • Sales per country
  • Top 20 products

And much more…

We make the road to an online dashboard as short as possible

For many companies it is difficult to indicate which information should be provided in one overview. DATA KINGDOM has developed a process to get your business started. We work step by step to develop a relevant dashboard for your organization:


Amber dashboard

We help you to view the information at the right time

Want to get started developing online dashboards yourself? DATA KINGDOM facilitates Power BI training courses in which you and your department become acquainted with the world of Power BI.


We take you into the world of Power BI

There are several reasons why it is better to display your reports in an online dashboard with Power BI than, for example, via an Excel report.

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