DATA KINGDOM was founded with the idea to help organizations in their search for overview. It’s not about us, it’s about your information needs!

Our approach to create a dashboard is focused on your need for insight

Now something about our team…

Amber Kesselaer

Amber Kesselaer

Queen Executive Officer

After a career as a project manager in the internet world and portfolio manager of the digital innovation portfolio at PwC, she decided to set up DATA KINGDOM. Helping the customer to find structure in the chaos that data can cause is what motivates her. She does this every day with a smile on her face.

Hanane Ben Abdeslam

Hanane Ben Abdeslam

Princess Marketing & Sales

A busy bee, this lady … Still busy with her HBO degree in Communication, but is committed to making the world know that DATA KINGDOM can help you become king of your data.

Servinio Lepelblad

Servinio Lepelblad

Prins Data & Analyse

An enthusiastic wiz kid. He delves deeper into the world of management information through his bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences. He translates this into practical experience with DATA KINGDOM customers by helping customers to become king of their own data.

Amber Kusters

Amber Kusters

Prinses Data & Analyse

A motivated lady who is very excited to use her knowledge and skills that she learned during her Artificial Intelligence study to make DATA KINGDOM customers king of their own data.

Onim Sarker

Onim Sarker

Prins Data & Analyse

A very passionate, research-oriented student. Onim is happy that he can join DATA KINGDOM and apply his knowledge from the study “Econometrics and Data Science” at DATA KINGDOM! Onim would like to help all our customers with their search for structure and overview within their data environment.

Iris van Ommen

Iris van Ommen

Princess marketing

A creative lady, who will focus on providing content, writing blogs, devising campaigns and much more in the near future. Iris is currently studying Communication Sciences at the UvA and is very excited to help clients become king of their data.

Why are we different? 

We find it important to provide you the relevant insights you are looking for. The working method is designed to put the information need first. We do not want to show what is available, but what you want to see. And of course we do this in a way that makes you feel like royalty.

Niet verbonden aan 1 systeem

You do not need to purchase a new tool or software in which all administration can be done so that a clear report can be made. We turn this concept around. You will continue to do what you have always been doing, but just a little less. We retrieve the information from the various systems and provide a tailor-made ready-made report.

End user's turn

Unlike most approaches, we don’t start with management approval and then simply do what they say. We want to have the end user of the dashboard in the workshop, so that we can be sure that he or she gets all the information necessary to perform the daily work optimally.

Microsoft Certified

Wij staan voor kwaliteit

What can we do? 

All employees who work on your online insights are Microsoft certified. Our employees always start with an official training that is tested with an official exam. This allows us to promise our customers that we use our tooling in the right way. This way we know for sure that we can make our customers king of their own data!

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Data analysis

Data visualisation

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