The start of DATA KINGDOM

August 2019..

Founder Amber Kesselaer has spent hundreds of hours preparing reports in her previous jobs. Monthly reports that provided the same cycle every three weeks: requesting the information, ensuring that it was collected, gathering insights and presenting in an insightful manner. Due to the extensive interest in digitization, she decided to delve into the automation of these actions.

Amber Kesselaer

The beginning of starting a kingdom!

After delving into various Business Intelligence tooling, she came into contact with Power BI. Easy to use and very clear. By asking various management members what their information needs were, she was able to build her first dashboard. This tasted like more! Amber came up with the idea to map out information needs by means of design thinking.


“We want to build an empire”

The self-invented process combined with the desire to become an entrepreneur one day formed the basis of DATA KINGDOM. Taking control of the situation in connection with building an empire led to the royal puns. The customer should always be king, also over their own data.

The mission: To let everyone be king of their own data


After extensive market research and exploration, DATA KINGDOM was registered with the Chamber of Commerce on August 28, 2019. A kingdom was born.

Servinio Lepelblad

How we want to build an empire

DATA KINGDOM is an organization that focuses on pursuing the mission and vision together. In order to realize the mission, motivation and cooperation are paramount. For example, everyone at DATA KINGDOM is open to ideas, we have confidence in our employees and we give the space to further develop employees on a personal level.

Personal development of the employees is central. We think and work together to realize the mission ‘everyone king of their own data’. We do this by bundling our knowledge and skills to display the customer’s information needs in a clear dashboard.

There is also a family culture at DATA KINGDOM. Leaders are mentors. Our work consists of teamwork. Everyone is free to come up with their own input and make mistakes, as long as we continue to learn together.

DATA KINGDOM strives to get the best out of yourself!

If we were to ask ourselves “Where will DATA KINGDOM be in 5 years?”, We would say “In 5 years we will have grown as a team on a personal level, but also as an organization.” Every day we strive to create a varied and a wide range of services with a focus on data-driven working. We provide interesting training courses and create online dashboards that work in an effective and efficient way. We want to achieve this by means of a pleasant and safe working environment, where employees are inspired to to bring out the best in themselves.

We therefore stand for the following values:

  • Collaborate
  • Innovative
  • Open and transparent
  • Growth & development
  • Loyalty
  • Trust


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