Do you love working with data? Do you like a joke and socializing? Then we are looking for you! A team in which you fully immerse yourself in the world of data and together ensure that the customer can be king of his own data!

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DATA KINGDOM is the partner in automating your information needs in a clear dashboard. We develop dashboards based on various information sources; from financial systems, CRM packages, simple Excel lists to analytical data. The dashboard always offers customized insight, based on the wishes of the customer. In this way the customer becomes king of his own data!


Why we are different



We think it is important that the insights that the customer is looking for are really relevant. The working method is designed to put the customer’s information needs first. As a team, we do not want to show the customer what is available, but what the customer needs. And of course we do this in a way that makes the customer feel like a king.


Hear it from your future colleagues

“What is especially important at DATA KINGDOM is daring to take on new challenges. You can make mistakes, as long as you learn from it. This is an educational process not only for yourself, but for your entire team. I also have the was given the freedom to continue to do my job during my trip in Asia At DATA KINGDOM you get the feeling that you are appreciated but also the feeling that you are completely trusted. In addition, you can express your creativity through various activities. In this way you learn to think out-of-the-box and discover in which area your strengths lie. “

Hanane Ben Abdeslam

Princess Marketing

“Within DATA KINGDOM, personal development is very important. There is therefore a lot of room for personal growth, because it allows you to contribute better and better to the growth of the company itself. You don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. take a moment to think about this, because you learn the most from mistakes, but it is mainly about how you deal with the mistakes. From day one you will be welcomed warmly and cordially, making it seem like you have been working in the team for years. The team spirit within DATA KINGDOM is regularly reinforced by team outings where work is let go and everyone gets to know each other better on a personal level. “

Servinio Lepelblad

Prince Data & Analysis

“I really like the working atmosphere at DATA KINGDOM. There is a lot of flexibility to finish the work in your own time. Personally, I think this is perfect in combination with other work and study. In addition, the team feeling is also very good, I immediately had the feeling that we are all doing our best to keep the company growing and help the customers in the best way. What makes it so nice to work at DATA KINGDOM is the central role of personal growth. Every time I go a little out of my comfort zone and new challenges are presented. Because of this I have already learned so much and the work does not get boring. Finally, it is also nice to know that when you can’t get out of something, there is always someone on the team who can help you.”

Amber Kusters

Princess Data & Analyse


We currently have no open vacancies.

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