Showcase dashboard

Consultimed Showcase

Stories about a dashboard are interesting, but we think being able to actually click around in it yourself is even more powerful. That’s why we share our “Consultimed” showcase with you. In the sections we discuss the different pages and layers.

Employment agency dashboard

Management dashboard


The team of Lumission and Unlimited  has to deal with a growing organization. This made it increasingly difficult to gain insight into the overall organization. DATA KINGDOM was asked to map out the information need by means of a design thinking workshop, and then to translate this into an online dashboard.


Employment agency dashboard

Sales dashboard

IMK trainings

The commercial director of IMK Training had little or no insight into the success of the sales activities. Many offers are sent out, but little was known about how effective the sales activities really are. It only became clear when conversions actually took place. DATA KINGDOM was asked to make a proposal for a dashboard that would provide more insight into the sales organization.


Employment agency dashboard

Finance dashboard

IMK Trainings

The director of IMK Opleidingen regularly looked at financial reports in Excel. DATA KINGDOM was asked to build the financial reports from Excel in Power BI. Preferably as many tables as possible because figures were preferred over visual graphs.


Employment agency dashboard

Management dashboard

Employment agency

Developing a management dashboard that can support the creation of an overview and the preparation of reports for the shareholders. The request came from the shareholders to be able to display the data in a simpler and clearer way.


Employment agency dashboard

Predictive sales dashboard


A sales dashboard provides insight into a company’s potential sales. With the help of this dashboard, they can make realistic predictions and respond to them.
DATA KINGDOM created this dashboard by applying data to three different forecasting methods.

Smarketing dashboard


Developing a data-driven smarketing dashboard that can support the creation of an overview and the preparation of reports on the operational & financial part. For the data-driven smarketing service, the question arose to create insight into certain Smarketing campaigns. 

Caliber dashboard

Management dashboard


Developing a dashboard that can support the creation of an overview and the preparation of reports on the operational & financial part.

Customer image


Designing and developing the dashboard of one clear customer view for the various services within DAK.


Management dashboard

Laan 35

Combine relevant information from different systems in a dashboard. With this, Laan 35 can predict, based on the current situation, what the future will bring them in terms of finances, but also for personnel planning.

Training planner

A supplier of specialized training and education programs deals daily with organizing projects and scheduling instructors on an operational level. The information needed to schedule the instructors can be seen in one overview.


“Recently received a very nice introductory training from Amber and her team about Power BI. Step by step through the wonderful world of Power BI, guided by a patient coach with a clear story. Not hours of theoretical explanation, but mainly ‘do’. By the training sparked the enthusiasm within the team to discover even more, this is the start of a great Power BI adventure. “

Vishal Shivcharran

Controller, BMW Finance NV


“The DATA KINGDOM training is a fun training to learn how to work with PowerBI. Each time a short explanation and then do a lot, try it yourself and figure it out together. Not a classic lesson, but an interactive training where you can discover and experience for yourself how PowerBI. can be applied practically in your work. ”

Frank Oberndorff

Coordinator Business & Data Analytics, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dak dashboard

“Brought into the world of Power BI by Amber. A powerful tool with many possibilities that Amber patiently guides you through step by step in a clear manner. You also get the latest developments, which are released monthly. There was a solution for all the challenges that were presented. The management also completed a Design Thinking session, which helps management to clarify what information need there is. This session, together with the Power BI knowledge gained, has been a major step forward, enabling us to better meet the information needs. If you want to extract current useful information from your data, DATA KINGDOM is the right choice! “

Baldwin de Bok

Database Architect, DAK Intermediary collective

“It was a fantastic experience to have DATA KINGDOM as my coach for Power BI training. Besides the fact that they had solid and in-depth knowledge of the tool, they were a good listener and came up with valuable insights and guidance that could facilitate the data visualization for my organization. I would like to appreciate DATA KINGDOM for her actionable tips that really took my skills of Power BI to the next level!”

Ran Chen

Business Analyst, Olyx B.V.

Caliber logo
Caliber aanbeveling

“Amber and her team take you into the world of data-driven working in a refreshing way. It is valuable to follow this training if you want to gain more insight into dashboarding, data strategy and the importance of a data-driven culture including a step-by-step plan. Especially useful and practical. “

Dedmar Taekema

Founder, FYBE Finance

van eeghen

“It was a great experience to have DATA KINGDOM lead our Power Bi Training course.  The knowledge of the application was clear to see and provided us with the foundation to start building powerful reports.  I would certainly recommend using their service to others and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Danny Gillan

ERP Consultant, Van Eeghen

van eeghen

“It is very nice to work with DATA KINGDOM. You notice that the expertise for data processing is really present, and that the company is growing. DATA KINGDOM fills in the knowledge that we lack in the organization perfectly.”

Mariette de Winter

Assistant Controller, IMK Opleidingen