Management dashboard

What was the question?

After an enthusiastic introduction to Caliber Europe in the Brabantse Veen, DATA KINGDOM was appointed as a partner for insight into their own data. During the design thinking workshop, 3 people from Caliber Europe were present, including the CEO, the responsible for finances, and the purchasing manager. We brainstormed which KPIs are relevant to Caliber on a daily basis, in order to be able to manage better. DATA KINGDOM has made a design with the sketches and various prototypes of the future dashboard

Fictitious data is displayed in the demo dashboard.

What are we looking at?

Data from:

  • Exact

For example:

  • Turnover & budget per month / week / day

  • Current stock value

  • Gross margin indicator
  • Stock to be received
  • Sales per product category
  • Gross margin in Euros and percentages
  • Turnover compared to previous periods

  • Bonus percentage per customer group

Caliber dashboard

What is the added value of the dashboard?

The Caliber Europe team saves a lot of time with the dashboard. Instead of spending time creating an overview and drawing up reports on the operational & financial part, Caliber can immediately take action based on the insights. This makes Caliber work more efficiently and more data-driven.


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