DAK Klantbeeld

What was the question?

Some DAK employees have already followed a Power BI bootcamp at DATA KINGDOM. However, the management team was promised a dashboard before a certain deadline. In the short time that was still available, this was not feasible to have the dashboard developed internally. DATA KINGDOM has therefore helped with the design and development of the dashboard of one clear customer view for the various services within DAK.

What are we looking at?

Data from:

  • Various internal systems

For example:

  • General customer information

  • Number of insurance policies

  • Possible areas for improvement for DAK services

  • The services purchased

  • Whichever competitors the customers also purchase services from

Caliber dashboard

What is the added value of the dashboard?

DAK has different services, which means that the different departments also focus on their own services. However, there was no overview in which management got a single picture of the customer and the services used. With the DAK Customer View dashboard, account managers can respond better to the needs of the customer, in order to increase the number of policies that are purchased via DAK. DAK is now king of their own data!


Consultant perspectief complexe datamodel flextender

How do we work?

To ensure that your finance dashboard perfectly aligns with your organization’s needs, we follow a meticulous process:

Data strategy session: In this session, we primarily gather information. What is the company’s strategy? Is there a data strategy in place? What are the key KPIs and their definitions? What sources are available? Together, we discuss the design preferences for the dashboard.

Inspiration Session: Using the input from the Data Strategy Session, we develop an inspiration dashboard with dummy data. In this session, we present the dashboard and refine the requirements and definitions established during the Data Strategy Session.

Implementation: After that, we unlock sources (source systems, databases, Excel, APIs), model, visualize, set up governance, and provide training. Most importantly, we ensure that data-driven work is embraced within the organization. Below, you can see how we work in detail for each phase.

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