employment agency dashboard

What was the question?

Power BI was already used within an employment agency within the healthcare sector. However, the management felt that the dashboards already developed internally showed too much information in an unclear way. They indicated that they would like to be able to see in a simple way how the organization is doing. DATA KINGDOM was called in to collect the information requirements and then deliver a design that the dashboard developers developed internally.

All data in the images is fictitious and anonymised.

What are we looking at?

Data from:

  • Employment agency custom software

For example:

  • Revenue by location
  • Number of self-employed persons active on the platform

  • Customer distribution by location

  • Completion percentage of outstanding services

What is the added value of the dashboard?

The management now has an overview where they do not have to look for status, but can see at a glance whether things are going better or worse than previous periods. They can now direct the management team members instead of the other way around. This employment agency is now king of their own data, all in its own house style!


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