Marketing Monitoring dashboard

What was the question?

Florijnz Corporate Finance has teamed up with a professional marketing party to set up campaigns with the aim of generating more leads through the online channels. Various content is created, such as a blog or a video. The campaigns are promoted via Linkedin.

Various KPIs have been determined to monitor the success of the campaign. Florijnz and their marketing partner wanted to be able to monitor these KPIs on a daily basis, in order to be aware of the latest status every day.

Fictitious data is displayed in the demo dashboard.

What are we looking at?

Data from:

  • Linkedin
  • Google Analytics
  • Youtube
  • Mailchimp

For example:

  • Number of impressions of the ad via Linkedin

  • Number of referrals via the newsletter

  • Number of page views on the website

  • Insight into the target audience of the campaign (the target audience’s company size, location, industry, etc.)

What is the added value of the dashboard?

Florijnz’s marketing department saves a lot of time with the dashboard. Instead of spending time on creating an overview and drawing up reports on the success of the campaign, Florijnz can immediately discuss the insights with their marketing partner. This makes Florijnz work more efficiently and more data-driven.


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