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Finance dashboard

What was the question? 

The director of IMK Opleidingen regularly looked at the financial reports in Excel. When a migration from Exact Globe to Exact Online took place, it created an unavailability of the paired reports in Excel. DATA KINGDOM was asked to build the financial reports from Excel in Power BI. Preferably as many as tables as possible due to numbers being preferred over visual graphics. 

Fictitious data is shown in this demo dashboard. 

Where are we looking at? 

Data from:

  • Exact Online

Such as:

  • Revenue current financial year compared with last year & the budget
  • Cover contribution costs per product category
  • Comparison of the costs current financial year with last year
Caliber dashboard

What is the added value of the dashboard? 

IMK Training no longer needs to perform manual actions to view the financial position of the training provider. The dashboard allows them to immediately make a comparison with last year and the budgeted plans. This allows them to immediately take the necessary actions based on substantiated data.


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