Sales dashboard

What was the question? 


The commercial director of IMK Opleidingen had few to little overview over the success of the sales activities. Many quotations are sent out, but little was known about how effective the sales activities actually are. It only became clear when conversions actually took place. DATA KINGDOM was asked to make a proposal for a dashboard that would provide more insight into the sales organization.

Fictitious data is displayed in the demo dashboard.

Where are we looking at? 

Data from: 

  • STB Training

Such as: 

  • Quotations per representative
  • Total conversionpercentage 
  • Average offered amount 
  • Amount of repeated orders from existing clients
  • Quotations for new versus existing clients
  • Chance of success per representative 
Caliber dashboard

What is the added value of a dashboard? 

Thanks to the dashboard, IMK Training has insight into the success of the sales activities. Based on substantiated data, it is now possible for IMK Training to see what the expected turnover will be. Representatives can also be coached better in their sales activities and with just one mouseclick, it can be shown which trainings are more interesting that they are chosen more often. IMK Training now makes strongly substantiated choices based on data and facts. For a complete view of the sales demo dashboard, you can view it further in this link. 


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