Management dashboard

What was their question?

Laan 35 is an organization that provides technical HOA management by making multi-year maintenance plans (MJOP). They do this with multiple employees for different HOA’s. The owner of Laan 35 works with various systems for accounting and operational activities. He asked DATA KINGDOM to combine all relevant information in a dashboard. He would like to be able to predict, based on the current situation, what the future will bring him in terms of finances, but also for his personnel planning.

Fictitious data is displayed in the demo dashboard.

What are we looking at?

Data from:

  • Quickstart
  • Operational self-built system

For example:

  • Turnover this year compared to last year
  • Margin per employee
  • Expected revenue based on different scenarios
  • Number of hours spent per activity
  • Number of hours outside the project budget
Caliber dashboard

What have we learned from this project?

In this project, the owner had the desire to predict certain things. However, this was not possible because certain variables required for this prediction were not present. We have learned that it is important to identify these variables in advance in order to communicate in a timely manner what is and what is not possible. We can make you king of your data, but we cannot predict the future.

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