Management Dashboard


What was the question?

The team of Lumission and Unlimited  has to deal with a growing organization. This made it increasingly difficult to gain insight into the overall organization. DATA KINGDOM was asked through a design thinking workshop, to map the informational need and to translate it to an online dashboard. 

Fictive data is shown in this demo dashboard. 

Where were we looking at? 

Data from:

  • Navision 

Such as:

    • Revenue per productgroep
    • Average costs for transport over the amount of products
    • Outstanding orders 
    • Margin per productgroep/klant 
    • Turnover rate of the orders 
    • Revenue in comparison with the budget
Caliber dashboard

What is the added value of the dashboard? 

Thanks to the dashboard, Lumission has insight into the success of the operational activities. Based on substantiated data, it is now possible for Lumission  to see how the organization is performing. Choices can be made to use the costs as efficiently as possible, which in effect causes the organization to make more profit. Lumission is now the king over their own data! 


Consultant perspectief complexe datamodel flextender

How do we work?

To ensure that your finance dashboard perfectly aligns with your organization’s needs, we follow a meticulous process:

Data strategy session: In this session, we primarily gather information. What is the company’s strategy? Is there a data strategy in place? What are the key KPIs and their definitions? What sources are available? Together, we discuss the design preferences for the dashboard.

Inspiration Session: Using the input from the Data Strategy Session, we develop an inspiration dashboard with dummy data. In this session, we present the dashboard and refine the requirements and definitions established during the Data Strategy Session.

Implementation: After that, we unlock sources (source systems, databases, Excel, APIs), model, visualize, set up governance, and provide training. Most importantly, we ensure that data-driven work is embraced within the organization. Below, you can see how we work in detail for each phase.

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