Power BOSS

Power BI as a Service. Your dashboard developer available at all times, so you never have to make a choice based on intuition again.

You have chosen as an organization to work more data-driven. Time to make choices and goals based on data. To be able to steer on data, steering instruments are needed, such as an online dashboard. Various business intelligence (BI) tools are available to develop automated reporting. One of the most used is Power BI. As an organization, you do not always have the knowledge to develop reports, which is why DATA KINGDOM introduces Power BOSSs: Power BI as a Service.

Would you like to know more about preparing your organization for data-driven work?

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What does Power BAAS means?

When you take out a Power BOSS subscription, DATA KINGDOM becomes your partner in data-driven working. You pay a monthly fee, which means you can use various data-driven services.

Which services are included in the Power BAAS package?

We have different packages. We can completely unburden your organization, but also support you in areas where the expertise is not available. This way you decide how extensive your subscription is.

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Premium package

If you want to make the complete transition to data-driven working, we recommend the premium package. We unburden the entire organization in guiding data-driven working, by organizing design thinking workshops to developing online dashboards. We will provide group Power BI training courses for those interested on a frequent basis. You can contact us with all your questions.

Standard package

If you no longer want to make your decisions based on intuition, but substantiated with facts and patterns, you always need insight. With the help of the standard package you can guarantee that this control information is always available. The organization is completely unburdened. No more manual reports need to be made. The demand is plotted at DATA KINGDOM and realized in a dashboard. It goes without saying that we also take care of the support of everything we make. We take care of everything related to digital reports.

Homemade package

Would you as an organization like to get started with Power BI yourself, but do you have difficulty designing or developing a dashboard? Then we have the homemade package. We ensure that your employees are trained with a basic Power BI course so that they can develop and maintain the dashboards themselves. We visit on a frequent basis to map out information needs by facilitating design thinking workshops.

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