Power BI Training for companies


Do you want to get started with Power BI dashboards within your organization? DATA KINGDOM facilitates Power BI training on location.

The importance of analyzing data is increasing. Employees are increasingly dealing with data, but often do not yet have the knowledge to process it at the required speed. Excel is often looked at, but this is a fairly complicated tool when it comes to the possibilities.

There is an easier solution. Data visualization using Power BI!

But what is Power BI? How does it work? What can I do with it? These questions will be answered during the DATA KINGDOM Power BI Training!

What do we cover during the Power BI Training?

  • Prepare data
  • Explore data
  • Visualize topographic data
  • Using DAX
  • Using Q&A functionality
  • Explore Microsoft Marketplace

”Data Kingdom prepared our controllers in 2 days so that they could immediately get started with PowerBI. The first reports are already live!”

PGB Pensioen

”Steven and Amber took us through the basics of Power BI. We learned a lot about the role itself, connecting to Excel, visualizing, the data model, and DAX. Our controllers are now ready to really get started with Power BI themselves. This helps us to work more data-driven and spend less time on repetitive work. We also found the space for questions and interaction pleasant.”

TU Eindhoven

Want to know more about Power BI now?

Would you like to know more about how the different licenses within Power BI? Download our white paper “Different Power BI licenses” to learn more about this.

How are these Power BI courses going?

DATA KINGDOM comes with 2 instructors on location at your organization. The training takes about 4-5 hours. A brief explanation will be given about Power BI, the possibilities. Subsequently, the participant is guided through the program step by step with challenging exercises. We conclude the training with a demonstration of what a professional can ultimately work towards. The participants receive training material to be able to continue at a later time.

Date and times can be agreed.

If you prefer to organize the Power BI training via online channels, we can of course facilitate this.

What does the Power BI Training cost?

The costs for the DATA KINGDOM Power BI Training depend on the number of people and the number of courses. Quotation on request.

Tell me more…

DATA KINGDOM specializes in automating data analysis by means of dashboards. We want everyone to feel like a king over their own data. We keep the groups small so that we can give the attention that the participants deserve. This is a Power BI training that provides enough knowledge to get started right away.

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