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Prepare your organization for a sustainable future. Make the goal of your organization visible and measurable!


Prepare for the future!

Purposeful organizations are more focused, have more passionate customers, highly engaged employees and are more financially profitable than others. By translating the organizational strategy into targeted KPIs, the organization stays on track. But do you know what your goal looks like?

Move to Impact & DATA KINGDOM facilitate the process of becoming a more societal, sustainable and purposeful organization using Purpose driven KPIs. Through a series of inspiring workshops, an appealing visualization of the mission & vision and a goal-oriented KPI dashboard, your organization will be given the means to make the organizational strategy inclusive, more targeted and transparent.


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Move to Impact is an organization that activates businesses to generate more positive impact with help of practical tools. DATA KINGDOM is developing the data-driven tools for Move to Impact


Why should my organization implement Purpose Driven KPIs?

Most companies are constantly under great pressure to act more socially and ecologically responsible. By setting a meaningful goal, an organization can minimize the pressure and gain more commitment from all its stakeholders.

What are Purpose Driven KPIs?

In addition to analyzing the performance of the organization based on financial and operational KPIs – such as revenue, profit and quantity ordered – it is important to monitor Purpose-driven KPIs. These are KPIs based on their external customer or environmental impact. Examples are customer satisfaction, net promoter score, carbon footprint, circularity, employee engagement, retention or the overall happiness score. This clarifies the value of your organization in this rapidly changing world and creates a lasting relationship with your stakeholders.



How does my organization get Purpose driven KPIs?



The process starts with the preparations facilitated by Architects of the Future. The mission and vision of your organization will be refined by means of interviews and analyzes. The mission and vision will be visualized in an appealing visualization. A look says more than 1000 words!

Targets will be set based on the new insights. These objectives will represent not only the financial or operational objectives, but also the sustainable ones. Together, these objectives form the organization’s new strategy.

Based on this strategy, a design thinking workshop will be started. Which KPIs will we use to monitor these objectives? How are we going to monitor these? In a KPI dashboard of course!

By going through the entire process together, a goal-oriented KPI dashboard will ultimately be created with all relevant KPIs, including the Purpose-driven KPIs.

Op basis van de nieuwe inzichten zullen er doelstellingen worden opgesteld. Deze doelstellingen zullen niet alleen de financiële of operationele doelstellingen vertegenwoordigen, maar ook de duurzame. Gezamenlijk vormen deze doelstellingen de organisatie haar nieuwe strategie. Op basis van deze strategie zal er gestart worden met een design thinking workshop. Welke KPI’s gaan we gebruiken om deze doelstellingen te monitoren? Hoe gaan we deze monitoren? In een KPI dashboard natuurlijk! Door gezamenlijk het hele traject te doorlopen komt er uiteindelijk een doelgericht KPI dashboard met alle relevante KPI’s, waaronder de Purpose driven KPI’s.

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The benefits for my organization

  • Become a sustainable and more profitable organization
  • Create more employee engagement
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Start a network of proud ambassadors of the organization’s mission
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Create a future-proof and sustainable relationship with stakeholders
  • Bring all dashboards together and know the value of the organization in a rapidly changing world.

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