Predicting Sales Dashboard


What was the question

Data can be used as a kind of crystal ball. Predictions can be made using data. Lumission has asked to make sales forecasts for a year. DATA KINGDOM has made this prediction for 8 different product groups using three different methods.

Fictitious data is displayed in the demo dashboard.

What are we looking at?

Data from:
– Navision

For example:
– Monthly forecast
– Weekly forecast
– Average actual sales
– Sales forecast
– Actual sales
– Confidence interval


Caliber dashboard

What did we learn from this project?

Lumission was able to gain insight into potential future sales. Seasonal patterns are also recognized using the data. This allows Lumission to anticipate purchasing and sales. Choices can now be made to use costs as efficiently as possible, resulting in more profit.


Consultant perspectief complexe datamodel flextender

How do we work?

To ensure that your finance dashboard perfectly aligns with your organization’s needs, we follow a meticulous process:

Data strategy session: In this session, we primarily gather information. What is the company’s strategy? Is there a data strategy in place? What are the key KPIs and their definitions? What sources are available? Together, we discuss the design preferences for the dashboard.

Inspiration Session: Using the input from the Data Strategy Session, we develop an inspiration dashboard with dummy data. In this session, we present the dashboard and refine the requirements and definitions established during the Data Strategy Session.

Implementation: After that, we unlock sources (source systems, databases, Excel, APIs), model, visualize, set up governance, and provide training. Most importantly, we ensure that data-driven work is embraced within the organization. Below, you can see how we work in detail for each phase.

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