DATA KINGDOM has several services to help you gain more insight, so that you can base your choices on today’s current situation. This is how you make the best informed choice for tomorrow.



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Developing dashboards

There are several reasons why it is better to display your reports in an online dashboard using Power BI than, for example, via an Excel report.

It is all about what you prefer, but you have more insight with a dashboard.


You have more insight with a dashboard. DATA KINGDOM helps you map out the information requirement, and then display it in a clear dashboard. 

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Design thinking workshop

It is important to know which KPIs the organization wants to manage. DATA KINGDOM facilitates design thinking workshops to map these out.

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Purpose driven KPI's

Prepare your organization for a sustainable future. Make the goal of your organization visible and measurable!

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DATA KINGDOM facilitates various training courses to make your company work more data-driven.

Power BI introduction training

Within 4 hours we will introduce you to the basic principles of Power BI.

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Power BI training for companies

Do you want to get started with Power BI dashboards within your organization? DATA KINGDOM facilitates Power BI training on location.

Data-driven training

Learn what data-driven working means and how your organization can become more data-driven.

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In control of your data

The training for developing dashboards and becoming aware of the risks of the use of data.


Data-drivens services

Data-driven working is increasingly becoming the new standard. Well-known, successful organizations are increasingly indicating that they work data-driven. These organizations base their choices and objectives on the basis of data, and therefore work data-driven.


Power BAAS

Power BI as a Service. Your dashboard developer available at all times, so you never have to make a choice based on intuition again.

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Data-driven marketing

How can you, as an organization, start with data-driven work? Does your organization already have a data strategy?

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Datagedreven (s)marketing

Smarketing, combining sales and marketing. And that is also data-driven!

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