DATA KINGDOM has several steps to gain insights; from design thinking workshops to a dashboard. These steps can be taken separately or as a package.

I want a dashboard!

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 Our steps to create a dashboard

Design thinking workshop

Workshop with the future user group to bring out the information need

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  • Interactive workshops from 3 to 5 hours
  • Group of 3 to 6 users
  • Users of the dashboard
  • Inventory of the daily activities
  • Problem-based mapping of information needs
  • Providing insight into KPIs and measurable objectives
  • Prototype sketches of the dashboard

Developing the dashboard

Bringing together the data from the different data sources in one overview

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  • Develop a dashboard based on sketches from the workshop
  • Interim feedback moments
  • Delivery of dashboard


After a period of use the experiences with get the dashboard

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Discuss user experiences
  • How do you like the dashboard?
  • What is perceived as positive?
  • What are areas for improvement?

Mapping data sources

Analysis of the data sources of the proposed dashboard variables

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  • Analysis of the data around the proposed KPIs
  • Inventory of the available data sources
    • Data model / Structure building
    • Data types
    • Data structure stability
  • Explore direct online linking possibilities
  • When data is not available online: identify an interim solution
  • Linking the data from the various available sources with the development environment

Training in the use of the dashboard

Presentation of the dashboard to the end users
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  • Presentation of the dashboard to end users
  • Explanation of the structure of the KPIs shown
  • Create simple opportunity for questions

Dashboard support

Support with possible changes or error messages in the dashboard
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Support with:
  • Faults – cause analysis & solution
  • Changes to data visualization display
  • Correct changes to data structure in the source

Dashboard within 1 week?

You have more insight with a dashboard. You want this as soon as possible. That is why we are introducing the “dashboard in 1 week” concept

Would you like to have a dashboard developed?

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