Data-driven strategic consultation

Successful organizations do not make decisions based on gut feeling. These organizations base their choices and objectives on the basis of data, and therefore work data-driven. But how can you as an organization work better data-driven? Does your organization already have a data-driven strategy? DATA KINGDOM is happy to advise you by means of a ‘data-driven strategic consultation’.

What do we discuss during a data-driven strategic consultation?

In a conversation of 30 to 60 minutes we discuss the organization, strategy and associated processes. We then issue an advisory report on how you can ensure that your organization takes the next step on the road to data-driven working. This way we can look together at what the data-driven strategy of your organization will be.


What is the added value of a data-driven strategic consultation?

DATA KINGDOM has extensive experience with the ‘data-driven strategy’. We have been able to take a look behind the scenes by providing various design thinking workshops at organizations in different sectors. This allows us to speak from experience where the low-hanging fruit hangs in order to quickly add value to the day-to-day business of your organization.

Your organization probably has a lot of data of which you do not (yet) know how it can add value. We are happy to help you with that search.

What does a data-driven strategic consultation cost? 

We charge €499 (excl. VAT) for the data-driven strategic consultation, the elaboration of this consultation and the delivery of the advisory report.

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