KPI Design Thinking workshop

What does it mean?

Mapping information needs

Various questions are asked to identify the information needs.

KPI’s achieved

What information is really important to have up to date on a daily basis?


Functional design

The information needs are clearly presented in a functional design for the future dashboard.

To be able to determine what is on a dashboard
should be achieved, it is important to know which KPIs the organization wants to focus on. DATA KINGDOM facilitates KPI design thinking workshops to map these out. But what is a KPI design thinking workshop?

What is design thinking?

To explain what a KPI design thinking workshop is, we first need to explain the concept of ‘design thinking’. Design thinking is a modern method for shaping innovation in a creative way. It is a collection of various activities such as analyzing the situation, defining the problem, creative thinking, solution-oriented thinking, sketching, and building prototypes.


What is a KPI design thinking workshop?

In a KPI design thinking workshop, the Design Thinking concept is applied to arrive at the content of the dashboard. In this workshop, various questions will be asked to inventory the information needs. What activities do you carry out during your work? What are the biggest challenges in your work? Which activities take the most time to provide insight?

After inventorying the desired insights, prioritization will be applied. Which activities are really important to keep up to date on a daily basis? Are there any measurable objectives linked to the insights? We write everything down! The insights that do not have the highest priority are temporarily parked until the next design thinking workshop.

Clear KPIs are determined based on the insights with the highest priority. But how do we want to display these KPIs in the KPI dashboard? Various visualization options are presented on maps. There will be another round with in-depth questions: What will be shown on the x-axis with this bar chart? Which cross-sections are important for this pie chart? Do we want to see a certain depth around the turnover? Which visualizations on the click-through screen? Ultimately, the answers to these questions lead to a sketch of the dashboard.

What happens after the KPI design thinking workshop?

After the session, we at DATA KINGDOM will get to work. We process what was discussed in the workshop into a dashboard design. Within a few days, participants will receive a file containing the designs and the information needed to create the dashboard.

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