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How do you best map out information needs? Which KPIs ensure relevant reporting? DATA KINGDOM facilitates the ‘Retrieve Information Needs’ training.

It’s increasingly common to steer decisions based on facts and data. Various reports are prepared and discussed in different meetings. However, there are also quite a few reports labeled as ‘useless’ or ‘incomplete.’

How do you ensure that you only share relevant reports within your organization? By ensuring that the report meets the information needs of the end user. But how do you map out the information needs?

During the ‘Retrieve Information Needs’ training, you’ll learn how to systematically gather and translate information needs into a useful report. This way, you truly become the king of your own data!

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What do we cover during the training?

  • What are stakeholders?
  • The ‘design thinking method’
  • Collecting information needs with Design Thinking
  • Translating information needs into a report Methods to validate with the end user

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DATA KINGDOM is your partner in the transition to data-driven working. We want everyone to feel like king over your own data. That is why we believe it is important to involve the end user in the report development process.


Who is this training for?

The training is suitable for developers of management reports, data analysts, (business) controllers, information analysts and other functions that deal with meeting information needs. No specific prior knowledge is required.

What does the training cost?

The costs for the ‘retrieve information needs’ training depends on the number of people and whether it is online or on location. We provide a suitable price, because we want to be able to inspire everyone about retrieving their information needs in a structured manner. This is how we work on our mission to let everyone be king of their own data.

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