Training Effective reports

Are there constant complaints about the quality of reporting within the organization?
DATA KINGDOM facilitates the ‘Effective Reports’ training in which participants learn which graphs or other visualization options best suit their information needs.

During the Effective Reports training, participants are taken into the world of ‘how does a person process information?’. Several reports are developed in a company, but are they all equally clear? Unclear information can lead to incorrect interpretations, which in turn can affect the quality of the choices made.

DATA KINGDOM has developed a training in which participants learn how to create a report that is easy to understand for the end user. 

Which colors are best to use? What is the best way to visualize information over time? When do I use a pie chart? How do you set up the best dashboard structure? Questions that are all answered in the Effective Reports training.


What do we cover during the  training?

  • Human observations
  • Use of different visualization options
  • Use of color
  • Information structure & Layout
  • Optimize an existing report

Tell me more…

DATA KINGDOM specializes in guiding companies in the transition to data-driven working. We want everyone to feel like king over their own data. We keep the groups small so that we can give the attention the participants deserve. In this training, participants will learn everything they need to know to develop effective reports, in both Power BI and other tools.


How does the Effective Reports training work?

DATA KINGDOM offers this training on location or online. A brief explanation will be given about humans and how we process information. The participant is then guided step by step through various visualization options. We conclude the training by improving an existing report. This way, at the end of the training day you really have an effective report that can be used immediately.

The training takes approximately 5-6 hours.

If you prefer to organize the training via online channels, we will of course facilitate this. In most cases we give two sessions of 3 hours, to keep the energy level as interactive as possible.

Date and times can be agreed upon.

How much does the training cost?

The costs for the DATA KINGDOM training Effective Reports depend on the number of people and number of training courses. Quotation on request.

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