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You are staring with great concern at your growing to do list. You are ticking off tasks without even noticing whether it is producing results. The list is getting bigger and bigger due to additional chores “Just email that”, “Make a follow-up appointment with the customer”, “Review and continue the document of your colleague” etc. You lose control and time to tackle your regular tasks.

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Reports without spending a second

Companies receive an abundance of data every day. This is not processed on a daily basis. Simply because it takes too much time. A colleague is given the task of keeping an overview in Excel, but it is not updated daily. So the status of a few days ago is constantly looked at. When an up-to-date report is made quickly, there are regularly some small errors. Entering data manually at the same time increases the chance of making mistakes. This is what no one would want, but it happens anyway. Better than nothing…

No more manual data entry!

DATA KINGDOM can help you by automating certain reports. By means of an online dashboard you are always able to view the latest status. We map out the information needs and the associated data sources, and then develop a tailor-made online dashboard. All we need from you is a half day of your time to brainstorm with us what you would like to see. You don’t have to prepare this, we will!

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Get started within one week!

You need the insights as soon as possible. DATA KINGDOM understands this. That is why we developed the dashboard concept in one week

Within a week you will have:

  • The information you need in one overview in a usable dashboard
  • More time for actions
  • Reports that are automatically refreshed
  • Always access to the latest status, also on the tablet or phone
Servinio dashboard

Customized dashboard

DATA KINGDOM gives you the insight you need in a tailor-made dashboard. We deliver these ready for use, so that you can get started right away with what really matters. Become king of your data and your own agenda! Would you like to add to your action list this week?

Become king of your own data in one week!

Would you like to know more about how we can help you become king of your own data? Click on the button ‘I want a dashboard’ where we explain the complete DATA KINGDOM process.

We guide you through the entire process

A project to decorate a dashboard? That doesn’t sound like something you have time for. DATA KINGDOM takes little of your time to provide you with what you need. During the process we will relieve you as much as possible

DATA KINGDOM takes the lead:

  • Organizing the brainstorm sessions
  • Outlining the design within the proposed KPIs
  • Inventorization of the available data sources
  • Enable direct online link
  • Develop and publish the online dashboard
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Do you also want to be unburdened?

Get to know our services! Would you like to know more about how we can help you become king of your own data?

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